FAQ Jobseeker

Can I record several replies to the same question?
Yes. Later you can choose the one you deem best, which you want to send with your application.
Do I have to record a new interview for each job advert?
No. An interview can be attached to multiple applications. Employers can choose from several sets of basic questions. If you already have replies to a set of questions, you can send that.
Do I have to apply for the advert at the employers?
You definitely need to send your application along with your CV to the given contact details. WE DO NOT APPLY FOR THE JOB ADVERT FOR YOU!!
Do you send reference letters to the company?
We notify the employers that you have applied for their advert and they can watch your interview in our system. We also attach your CV.
Can I log in as a job-seeker with my employer profile and vice versa?
Yes, you need to choose “Switch to Employer view” or “Switch to Job-seeker view” in your personal settings.